There is an endless sea of server, web hosting & domain providers out there, & so many of them are based overseas.

Wildboy has found a wholesome Australian provider that also cares about the environment!

‘Serversauras’ is a North Melbourne based business, and they generously donate a percentage of their profit to reduce carbon emissions.

Take a look at their products & services, and support this wonderful Australian business.

Need a website to start your side-hustle?


WIX is a wonderful, intuitive web builder platform that will have you running your e-commerce store in no time. There is no need to outsource expensive web building, especially if you don’t have the budget. WIX allows you ease of use and is a very cost-effective option to get started on generating sales right away.

Wildboy’s Email Marketing Pick

‘GET RESPONSE’, get’s you responses.

GET RESPONSE is a Wildboy TOP PICK. Not only is it an email marketing platform but they also provide many other marketing tools. GET RESPONSE is a one-stop-shop for landing pages, email marketing, SMS marketing, automated marketing, webinars and more. Get your free trial today.

Business Personality Quiz

This quiz will help you discover what industry your personality is suited to.

The only personality system to include the fact that you have more than one side to your personality (the duality of humans) and also how much of a risk taker you are. These are massive flaws in all other personality tests you have ever taken. This test takes less than 5 minutes.